Top 4 Budget Travel Errors

Avoid these top 4 Budget Travel Errors when you are planning your next trip away and turn them into money saving tips! Not checking all airport options Failing to check smaller, nearby airports for your destination could mean you pay significantly more for flights. A...

Japan Travel Hints & Tips

Japan Travel Hints & Tips

Japan is everything you can imagine, and more – rich in culture, full of history, natural beauty, epic shopping, unforgettable cuisine, gracious hospitality. But, to experience its true grandeur, there are a few tips and customs to familiarise yourself with before you...

Travelling with Medication

Issues surrounding taking prescription medicines overseas can cause a great deal of stress for travellers, especially elderly travellers, who often have pre-exiting health conditions and increased health concerns. This should not be a barrier to travel if you follow a...

How To Save For Your Holiday

With rising cost in almost every aspect of our day to day living expenses and the economy on a never ending downward spiral, people feel as though they will never be able to afford the luxury of a holiday. The constant financial stresses of these increasing costs,...

10 things to do before taking off on holiday

Don’t leave home without finishing this to-do list. You’ve completed your travel trifecta – the flights are booked, hotels reserved and car hire reservation complete. Now it’s time to get organized. The trip planning process includes everything from buying your plane tickets, making reservations at your destination to packing. But before you head to the airport to catch your flight, make sure you’ve tied up all the loose ends.

5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag – There is no end of tips for beating jet lag to be read on the internet, found in travel books or told to you by family and friends. But do they really work?
It seems to be a really individual thing, and then it can be different from flight to flight. But from my experiences of jet lag – here are my top five tips to help you perhaps not totally beat jet lag, but at least feel a bit more human when you start your trip.

10 Travel Uses for Ziploc Bags

Too often when away on a trip everything has a habit of becoming a bit disorganised, particularly if you are on the move and regularly packing and un-packing your bags every few days.  One way to help combat this is to try and have a place for everything which allows...

5 Steps to Dramatically Cut the Cost of your Holidays!

Travelling is seen as a luxury item when we are going through hard times financially and as something that the average person feels they can’t afford. It really doesn’t have to be such a big expense, there are many ways that a holiday can be constructed to be cost effective and family friendly, yes – even to international destinations!

Finding Babysitters When You’re on the Road

Finding babysitters when you’re travelling presents unique challenges, whether you’re a parent who just needs a night out or you’re looking to find a babysitter on a regular basis. You need to find a childcare provider for your little one, but you have to do so in an unknown community. When you don’t know what resources are available to you or which businesses and people are worthy of your trust, how do you even begin to search for a quality childcare provider?

Travel Sickness Tips

If you have a child or you yourself suffer with motion sickness, there is always a little trepidation when planning any travel knowing you will have to deal with this.
Here are a few ideas to help manage this on your next journey.

So exactly what is travel sickness and what are the signs your kids are suffering from this sickness?
Motion Sickness is a condition in which there is a disagreement between a person’s visual and perceived movement. E.g. what your body senses is different to what your eyes see. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness

Planning a Road Trip – with Kids!

Planning a Road Trip – with Kids!

To some parents, travelling in a car with the kids would be their worst nightmare! But it doesn’t have to be this way.The key to success with road trips is all in the planning. The more thought you have put in before you drive out the garage, the less stressful the drive should be. Here are some helpful travel tips on planning for a car trip with children.