5 Steps to Dramatically Cut the Cost of your Holidays!

Research on-line and at travel agencies, the prices do vary greatly and on-line is not always the most economical.  Travel agents will often come up with a wider range of options, particularly if you are travelling to multiple destinations.  Look out for “Special Offers” and snap up any suitable options when you see them as they generally have limited availability and are only on sale for a restricted time frame.

Ask questions, think of all the ways your itinerary can be constructed, sometimes by changing the order of your itinerary this can result in a lower cost fare.  Make your travel agent really work for their commission!  Don’t accept options that are not exactly what you had in mind.

Book off-peak and mid-week if possible.  Generally Friday, Saturday and Sunday attract additional supplements.  Try and travel outside the holiday and peak periods, even a few days either side of these can vary the price significantly.  The rule of thumb if you have to travel at these peak times is to book well in advance.  The cheapest tickets and deals get snapped up quickly on a first come first served basis so book early to avoid disappointment.  That said, as the departure date nears, last minute unsold tickets will often get heavily discounted to fill the seats.  As a result you can occasionally come across some fantastic bargains.  This is very risky if you have set dates you must travel, but offers great savings if you are very flexible with when and where you travel.

Transfers – now this is where you can really save some dollars.  Instead of booking transfers through your travel agent, research other independent options available.  A quick internet search will tell you if there are shuttles, trains or buses from the airport to the city.  Check also the average cost of a taxi to the city and finally, ask at your hotel if they have any sort of shuttle service – even low cost backpacker places offer these in a lot of places.  Using available public transport or arranging transfers locally will usually always save you some dollars.

Research your travel insurance! – Firstly, shop around! A quick search on the internet will throw up several insurance comparison sites.  Remember that if you are likely to travel more than once a year, you will save yourself money by buying annual, multi-trip insurance, as opposed to a single trip policy.  Also, check with your credit card company as some have travel insurance policies included when you purchase a certain dollar value of your travel arrangements with the card.  Ensure that the cover they offer is adequate for you requirements.  Also consider obtaining quotes from companies that you have existing insurance policies with, such as; home and contents, car or private health insurance companies.  You will often receive significant savings when you take out multiple policies with the one company.

Travelling is seen as a luxury item when we are going through hard times financially and as something that the average person feels they can’t afford.  It really doesn’t have to be such a big expense, there are many ways that a holiday can be constructed to be cost effective and family friendly, yes – even to international destinations!

For more information on ways to afford that important break away, contact Julie Warner Travel Plans: www.juliewarnertravelplans.com.