Holidays are so much fun and these budget travel tips will help you avoid these travel problems when you are planning your next trip away so you can save yourself some serious dollars. There are some common mistakes that can end up adding a lot of extra cash to your holiday when you are planning your trip and whilst you are on the road. 

Common errors when travelling on a budget:

Forgetting to Check all Airport Options

The major airports of every city are always more expensive to fly in and out of than those smaller airports located a little further on the outskirts. Failing to check flight options into these smaller, nearby airports for your destination could mean you pay significantly more for flights. A second airport could be a further 30 minutes away from your destination but may save you hundreds of dollars if time isn’t critical for your trip. Many cities are served by more than one airport so make sure you know all your flight options before booking your next flight!

Not maximising Frequent Flyer Points

One of the most common mistakes people make is using Frequent Flyer points for relatively short trips. These flights often regularly have special fares making it much cheaper to purchase these conventionally and save your points for longer, more costly flights.

Also, not keeping track of any points that may expire, people often lose large blocks of accrued points by not knowing when they expire. Know the length of time your Frequent Flyer program allows you to keep points to maximise the benefit of your hard earned points

Only Considering Hotel Accommodation

There are so many more economical accommodation options available these days than the standard hotels. Major hotel chains often charge a premium because they can. Hostels have come a long way and many now offer private family room options. Consider Airbnb, apartments or home swaps for longer stays (these also save on meal costs as you can prepare some of your own!).

Others to consider are: B&B’s where families rent out rooms in their houses, cabins in campgrounds around popular tourist towns, universities/colleges often rent dormitories when out of school term times and convents or older historical buildings have sleeping options as well.

There are many quirky accommodation options available at reasonable costs so do some research before you book for your next trip and see how much money you can save.

Overpacking and Overpaying for Bulky Baggage

These days with many budget airlines charging for luggage, it is very costly if you overpack for your trip from the outset and you pay even more on the return once you have all your souvenirs. Heavy luggage may restrict you taking cheaper ground transport if bags can’t fit or are too bulky to manage on shuttles, buses or trains. Too much luggage will make it exhausting work to carry bulky bags up and down flights of stairs for public transport and if your accommodation has no lift.

If you take these few points into consideration when planning your next holiday you should see some good savings. With the money saved, you can put that into the next holiday fund or treat yourself with some extra shopping whilst away!

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