8 Tips for Greener Travel

More environmentally friendly travel habits can be achieved without making massive changes to the way we go about our holidays. Even just the smallest adjustment that we make to the way that we travel can make a big difference. The benefits to you on “traveling green” apart from just preserving our environment, more often than not you’ll find yourself saving money along the way!

Here are 8 tips for greener travel that will benefit this fabulous planet of ours as well as your hip pocket:

1) Invest in an E-book Reader (iPad or Kindle)

Why buy novels and guidebooks by the dozen in hardcopy, only to chew through them on your trip and banish them to your bookshelf on your return? You’ll save tons of money by downloading the latest books on your Kindle or iPad  and lighten your luggage load considerably!

2) Pack Economically

Seriously, a lighter suitcase lessens the load on the aircraft, allowing it to burn less fuel and release lower amounts of toxic fumes into the environment. You’ll also save on all those excess baggage charges. And, let’s be honest – how many times do you never even wear many items you have packed and lugged around with you on trips?

3) Use Re-fillable Drink Bottles 

When traveling, stock up on mineral or filtered water in the bulk sized containers from supermarkets and top up your refillable drink bottle as needed. This will save you from resorting to the mini bar in your hotel room, where all the drinks and snacks are double the price.

4) Conserve Energy

Air conditioning, heating and lighting use more energy than washing towels, so turn off the lights and air conditioning when it isn’t needed, or when you’re stepping out of your room. Don’t leave the TV on if you’re not watching it.   Also, take up the hotels offer of re-using your towells rather than asking for clean ones every day – this saves on the washing and drying machines electricity usage required to replenish your supplies.

5) Economize on Water

Avoid wasting water by taking shorter showers and turn the water tap off while you are brushing your teeth. Let housekeeping know that you’d like to reuse your sheets and towels.

6) Watch Your Fuel Usage

Use public transport on your travels when you can, and choose smaller, more fuel efficient cars from the car rental companies. You’ll be saving yourself some money as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

7) Buy Locally

Promote the local economy by staying in smaller, local run accommodation options, by eating locally produced foods and hiring local guides. Find out where the local artisans sell their goods direct rather than buying souvenirs that have been mass produced (and probably imported). You may pay a little more for it but at least you know your money is going direct to the local artisans and their families.

8) Choose Eco-friendly Accommodation

There is a huge amount of work happening in the area of “Eco Holidays” and many companies are changing the way they operate to lessen their impact on the environment whilst still offering services that tourists require. Eco-friendly hotels, guest houses and B&B’s have made a long-term commitment to minimizing the impact that its operations have on the environment. Take the time to find out where they are and use them when you can.
Remember, the small changes we make to our travel habits will have a larger than imagined impact on helping to preserve this planet of ours whilst sustaining it so we can keep exploring!

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