Tips for Road Trips with your Pets

Travelling with your pets on a long holiday can be an enjoyable experience if you are prepared for it. It is often found that pet owners find themselves in a dilemma of what to do with their pets when they are going on holiday. Many people choose to bring their pets along because they don’t have anyone to care for them or they don’t want to place them in a kennel for the duration of their trip.

However, while traveling with animals in a vehicle there are number of things to consider to ensure safety and security.

Traveling with pets in a vehicle is all about extra care.

Make sure you carry plenty of food and water for your loving pet so that they can stay hydrated and feel well for the journey. Remember if you are traveling by car, you must be careful to stop your vehicle often so that your pet can exercise and use the bathroom. It is good idea to take along their favourite toys or blankets in order to ease down their stress during travel.

When you are traveling with your pets in a vehicle, there are number of things to consider before you leave on your holidays with your friends and family. Firstly, fresh air is important when taking your pet in the car, especially for long period. Remember if you are traveling with cats – make sure that they are secured in a ventilated carrier, out of direct sunlight. Similar care must be given in case of dogs while traveling.

Try to reach your destination before sunset if possible. This will allow your pet the chance to explore their new surroundings and settly faster. After arriving in your destination, try to pay special attention to your pet and spend some time with them in the new environment. It is also necessary to familiarise your pet to the carrier it will be travelling in before departing to minimise any anxiety being in a strange enclosure. 

Remember that animals can get car sick just like humans. You should test whether your animal is likely to get carsick by taking them for mini trips prior to your holiday(also good to familiiarise them to the carrier you will be using). Somehow, if you feel that they could be the victims of carsick, immediately consult your vet about one of the many remedies for animal motion sickness.

Also, be aware that many hotels will not allow you to keep pets in your room. Make sure you research all your hotel’s terms and conditions before you secure the reservation ensuring that they allow pets.. Some hotels that allow pets may charge you a deposit just in case your pets cause any damage.

Do you have any pet travel tips to share?

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