Travel Personalities

We all have experienced frustration and arguments with a loved one whilst travelling I’m sure. Perhaps if we were to discover what our travel personalities are before the planning stage of a holiday we may well be able to mitigate potential risky situations whilst away and minimise holiday conflict.
Here are a few travel personalities I have come up with:
* Planning – The Planner vs. the Free Spirit. Often, one of you is the planner. The other leaves the planner at work and hopes the vacation doesn’t turn into disaster.
Planners – remember to leave time for just sitting in a cafe, resting or exploring. Free Spirits–be tolerant, and try to get a day in for yourself where nothing is planned.
* Economics – The Frugal Traveler vs. The Splurge Monster Lots of folks try to save every last dollar. Whilst others see something that sounds mighty good and begs to go there–for a huge hit in the wallet. Splurges can be the centerpiece of a holiday. You might talk about that meal/activity for years. Of course, it could cause your financial ruin as well.
* The Trophy Traveller v the Explorer Trophy Travelers are people who go places because other people tell them to. The explorer wants to discover new places the guidebooks ignore.
There are obvious rewards to exploring the unknown and often these turn out to be trip highlights. Equally, the droves flock to all the popular guidebook destinations for good reason usually – they are worthy of visiting. Best to try a combination of both on any trip is my advice – keeps everyone happy!

The Bottom Line, I hope this gives you an insight into where you might find potential conflicts in your holiday plans so you can work on these areas before you leave home.

Do you have a different travel personality to these? Let us know of any others you have come across?

Happy Travels