Let us do all the hard planning work while you continue with your busy days.   

You relax while we:

  • Ask all the right questions to make travel providers earn their money.
  • Know the best people to contact for specific itineraries. (Not all agencies are good at all holiday types).
  • Look past providers’ “Preferred Supplier” agreements and get the best deal for you!
  • Have the experience to know how to find the best tickets for your flight itineraries.

– Use our knowledge to locate the best prices. (Don’t be fooled by the large, well-known providers who report they are the most   economical – they are often the most expensive!!)


Say goodbye to those phone calls to travel agents!

Let us independently search the travel marketplace, saving you valuable time and money.

This service can work in two ways:

  1. Firstly, if you have a quote for a trip that you are planning and believe it is too expensive, then we can independently search the marketplace and endeavour to obtain a more economical price for you.
  2. Secondly, you can come to us with a trip in mind and we will independently search the travel marketplace to obtain available options for your requirements


Put the guidebooks away and stop surfing the net!

Let us help you make the most of your chosen travel destinations with advice on what to see and do while you are there. This service can be tailored to your exact requirements taking into account the general sites to see in that chosen destination right down to specific areas of interest to you personally.  Whatever you would like to experience on your holiday we can obtain the information to ensure that you can fully enjoy your trip.


Allow us to help with all those unknowns of travelling, and details that are time-consuming and difficult to locate – we can assist you.  Whatever your requirement this part of our business can assist you in having the holiday that you want.