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Speaking Topics could include:

  • Travel with Children Tips & Tricks
  • Affording the Family Holiday
  • Secrets to Successful Travel
  • Planning Extensive Travel Itineraries
  • Travel Memoirs – How to Document and Publish your travel journeys

Julie has over 35 years of independent travel experience to over 140 countries that has lead to a wealth of knowledge. She wants others to have the confidence and ability to do the travelling that they dream of, as she has been able to.

Since having our two children in 2001 and 2003, we have still maintained our passion for travel as a family and have been fortunate to enjoy some fantastic holidays.

With this personal experience, we can help your family to have the confidence to achieve your dream vacations. We have taken our children to over 70 countries starting from when they were as young as 3-months old.

Your love for travel doesn’t have to get put on hold once you decide to have a family – you truly can travel with kids!