2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                 United Kingdom, Tanzania & Zambia

Julie recently organised a fantastic family holiday for me. I first contacted Julie last May as I knew we wanted to go to England for Christmas and then to Africa on the way back to Australia but had no idea where in Africa we should go.

Julie did a huge amount of research to find the best country, tour operator, hotels, flights and came up with a great itinerary. We ended up flying to Tanzania via Kenya and going on  safari in the Serengeti and visiting the Ngorogoro crater which was amazing. We saw heaps of game, stayed in great hotels and had an excellent tour guide.  We also had a short stop on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls – amazing!

Julie went to great care to ensure everything went smoothly even texting me in England when violence erupted in Kenya just before we were due to leave. In summary the research, attention to detail and follow up Julie did was well worth it and saved me many hours work. I will be using www.juliewarnertravelplans.com again for our next trip and recommend others do so to have a great holiday.”

The Davison Family, Sydney, Australia

2007 France

Julie from Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?) helped turn our vague holiday notion into a fabulous reality.  We had just a short time in France – 4 days – so wanted to make the most of our time.  Based on our very sketchy outline Julie provided us with a range of travel options, great accommodation suggestions and even found a bike hire place in a relatively small French town.  Julie’s range of travel options was invaluable in helping us to decide our travel plans…and from there it was a breeze.   We passed all our final details to our travel agent to do the bookings; and all that was left was to look forward to the holiday!  Julie’s wealth of travel experience and attention to detail helped take all the stress out of our holiday planning.   We’ve told everyone we know about Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?), the only way to plan a holiday!  

Cheers, Lorraine & Ron, Sydney, Australia

 Fiji                                                                                                                                                                                                                             They saved us over $1,000.00 and all we had to do was make one phone call!

“Thanks for a terrific holiday, exactly what we wanted, at a price that left enough over for some serious shopping.”

“What a great service! After a busy day caring for others the last thing I wanted to do was either trek around various travel agents or spend hours surfing the internet for holiday options. Yet I knew that I was burning out and in need of a holiday. Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?) found me what I wanted at a lower price than I’d expected. It was a great holiday and I’ll be a repeat customer.” 

“Travel agents never seemed to have exactly what we wanted in a holiday. Using Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?) enabled us to have just what we wanted, when we wanted it, and at a lower price than we had expected. Best of all was that all the hard work was done with little effort from us. Thanks Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?) .

Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?)  understood our holiday ideas and rough dates, did the research, came up with a variety of options and gave us a couple of other ideas on how to get the best value for money. With their help we had a great holiday. No trekking around travel agents, no sorting through piles of brochures, no spending hours on the internet, no arguments about the best deals. Everything done quickly and easily! My advice will always be use Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?)  for your holiday and avoid the pre-holiday stress.

Heather & Steve, Sydney, Australia

2006 United States –Honeymoon

Julie from Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?)  gave us invaluable advice on planning our honeymoon itinerary and saved us over $4,500.00.   We had the idea to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York for our two week honeymoon but as I had never travelled overseas before and my wife to be had only been when she was a lot younger with her parents, we really had no idea where to start.  Julie gave us details of possible activities to do and sites to see in each location.  She planned the itinerary to maximize our time spent in each location to fit in all our requirements and was able to provide first hand experiences from her own travels to ensure that we didn’t miss any of the major highlights of each city. 

We had obtained a quote from a large, well known travel agency and were very disillusioned with the total cost coming to well over $16,000.00.  We passed these details on to Julie at Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?)  and with her unique Travel Broker service, we actually paid just over $11,000.00 for everything.  This included flights, accommodation, tickets to the basketball in NY, a full day trip to The Grand Canyon, Helicopter tour over Vegas, a multi day pass at Universal Studios and a LA tour of The Stars homes.  Everything was booked before we left Australia with no stress and most importantly, no time wasted.  This allowed us to put all our time and energy into planning our wedding day.  

All options were explored for us, including the possible ways in which we could use Frequent Flyer points available from our parents.  In December and with us wanting to be back prior to Christmas Eve, that was a pretty difficult ask, but Julie did come up with some available options for us to look at.

What a great honeymoon – we couldn’t have asked for anything more (well, other than it lasting longer than two weeks).  Thank you Julie Warner Travel Plans (Going Somewhere?)  for arranging such a fabulous trip for our honeymoon and my first overseas adventure.

Luke Browning – Adelaide, Australia

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