Free Australian Travel Brochures

Travel brochures are a great starting point to planning any holiday.

Take a look at brochures covering the areas you are interested in visiting as a first step in your holiday planning.  Look at the key sites they cover and how many days tours allow to visit these places.  This gives you an idea of how many days you will need to allow in your itinerary to explore all these areas.

This site is one of a few that offer the “Free” brochure service – download here: and help save the environment while you research and perhaps order a hard copy of only those you really need.

Planning a trip somewhere in our beautiful Country?

Check out these really choice brochures you can have delivered to your door or download for FREE!

Whether you’re planning a holiday, looking at information for school projects or finding new things to do locally I think this site is worth investigating!

I ordered the ones that were in places near me and they were packed with great stuff.
They have Driving Guides, Camping Adventures, Day Tours, Kayak Camping Trips…. just to name a few!

Take a look, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

You may just find a way to your dream holiday!

For more information on your Australian holiday plans, contact

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4 Responses
  1. James Hall says:

    I have a report due on Australia due next Friday the 4th of Nov.Was wondering if you can give me any info on tourism and historical sites as we have to make a travel brochure on poster board for class.

  2. Kim Iles says:

    I read with interest your ideas with the ziploc bags. Can you tell me where in Australia, I hope, you managed to get the xxl ziploc bags from? I have looked in the supermarket but there biggest is nowhere near big enough.
    Thank you, I eagerly await your response.
    Kim 🙂

    • juliewarner says:

      Hi Kim,
      I have found large zip lock style bags in some of the discount stores such as The Reject Shop and other smaller local ones in Sydney suburbs (not chain stores). They are usually with the travel or storage goods rather than food items. Hope you find some near you,they certainly come in handy. Alternatively, there are the more expensive packing bags available from specific luggage stores.
      Happy Travels

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