Travel with Baby Tips

Things to take for Babies:

  • Nappies – can be purchased in most countries, but take a good supply so you are not having to look for them immediately on arrival.  Line the bottom of your suitcase with them or place them in a top flap or compartment.  They really don’t take up too much space.
  • Plastic Change mat that is easily wiped clean – you may have less than perfectly cleaned changing surfaces.
  • Baby Wipes (plenty of these as they come in handy when out & about to clean hands, mop up messes, wipe tables/seats etc as well as nappy changes)
  • Bottles with water to required level & formula already measured in container or sachets.  Maybe consider taking disposable bottles & bottle liners – no sterilisation required
  • Bibs.  Look for disposable bibs or purchase a plastic art smock that has arms and does up at the back.  Easy to wipe clean and covers a lot of their clothes.
  • Change of clothes for your child & maybe you (who knows what accidents can occur & you don’t want to be in wet or soiled clothing for long periods).
  • Nappy Sacks – these are also handy for any wet clothing items
  • Extra zip-lock bags for trash, dirty nappies or car/air sickness.
  • A few toys that can be hung or clipped on to things.  Great for car seats, strollers, above beds etc.
  • A favourite toy for sleeping – perhaps attach some elastic to it that can be slipped over babies wrist so that it does not get lost
  • A sling or baby carrier – it is so much easier to have your hands free travelling with a small infant.
  • A pram/stroller – although these can be bulky, really way up if you should take this with you.  The pro’s usually far out way the cons (even if you buy a light weight, less expensive one for travelling) when travelling with children under two.  Great for day time naps while you are sightseeing, gives your arms and back a rest from carrying kids around all day and gives a place to put your day pack, shopping bags or food supplies while you explore.

Tip: If travelling on airlines, ask well in advance of your babies feeding time to get a jug of warm water to heat your bottles.  Nothing worse than a starving, screaming baby and you have to wait 10 minutes for the bottle to heat up.

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