iPhone Travel Applications

Here are a few handy travel applications for your iPhone.

1.    Recorder

The Recorder enables you to capture unforgettable sounds on your trips. NOTE: The iPhone 3.0 software update includes a free recorder. I still like this one better.

2.    Flashlight (free)

This free iPhone app (we like free apps!) helps to prevent that. Its default turns the entire screen a bright white (or other color you choose), which you can dim by sliding your finger across the screen.

3.    CurCon Currency Converter

A blessing for the math-impaired, this easy-to-use iPhone currency converter is one of those apps that also can save you money: It only updates when you tell it to — rather than automatically pulling in fresh data, which can get very expensive when you travel overseas. (Read more about How and Where to Exchange Currency.)

4.    Sit or Squat (free)

Anyone who’s been in a strange place and needed to find a bathroom will consider this app for the iPhone a godsend. It uses the built-in GPS to locate the nearest lavatory. User reviews help it to grow, so after downloading do what you can to add to the info base.

5.    Night Stand

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night in a hotel room and wondering what time it is? The Night Stand travel app works as a digital clock and has a built-in alarm. Note: Couples who don’t need to see the time in blazing numerals can use the free alarm built into the Clock app that comes with every iPhone.

6.    Flight Track

This travel app for the iPhone enables a user to track flights around the world. Want to know what gate your flight will be leaving from and the type of aircraft? You also get ETA info on arrivals, takeoffs, and landings as well as flight delays, cancellations, and more.

7.     Facebook (free)

Keep up with your Facebook friends when you travel. This iPhone app makes it easy to read their status updates, get phone numbers for contacts who may not be in your address book, and upload photos showing where you are and where you’ve been.

8.    NYC Subway KickMap Lite (free)

Even though I’m a native, I still need to check the NYC subway map once in a while and this easy iPhone app helps me find what I need. Using the familiar finger navigation, I can drag it to the location where I want to travel and then magnify the location by spreading two fingers apart. Maps similar to this in the App Store cover other urban areas and transportation systems.

9.    Global Wi-Fi Finder (free)

When you use your iPhone outside of the country without enabling additional data roaming services through your carrier, you are at risk for incurring steep additional charges. To avoid this, go to Fetch New Data in Settings. Slide Push to the off position and select Fetch Manually. Be vigilant about only accessing your email when you are in a free wi-fi zone, which this app can help you to find.

10.Maps (included)

The interface for the iPhone’s GPS app, Maps comes pre-installed on all units. Although it’s not as sophisticated as a dedicated GPS unit, it can help you get directions to travel from here to there. If a GPS signal isn’t available, the iPhone can still geotag you using wi-fi and cellular tower info when tracking is turned on.