If you have a child or you yourself suffer with motion sickness, there is always a little trepidation when planning any travel knowing you will have to deal with this.

Here are a few ideas to help manage this on your next journey.

So exactly what is travel sickness and what are the signs your kids are suffering from this sickness?

Motion Sickness is a condition in which there is a disagreement between a person’s visual and perceived movement. E.g. what your body senses is different to what your eyes see. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness

Motion sickness in children is common. Whilst not all kids will suffer from motion sickness or travel sickness, it’s best to be prepared. If your children are displaying signs of travel sickness, consider our tips for travelling in the car (or by other means of transport).

The best option is motion sickness prevention for children.

Try some of these tips on your next journey:

* Ensure children are seated in the car high enough to view the road and encourage them to look ahead on the really windy bits. If old enough, perhaps consider seating the sufferer in the front. Reading or looking down at a game screen really is bad news if they are prone to travel sickness.

In a plane, perhaps avoid the window seat. Although the scenery is not quite the same as in car, looking out into the sky can have the same effect.

* Have a supply of refreshing mints that they can suck on. This not only seems to relieve the nausea but also provides a distraction.

* Having small sips of cold water can sometimes also help ease the suffering.

* Keep a small spray bottle of water with a few drops of tea tree oil in the car and a quick, refreshing spritz of this can help revitalize a child not feeling 100%.

* Keep children’s diets as healthy as possible prior to travelling. Lighter, fresh healthy food has less of an impact on sensitive tummies.

* Break regularly, give your kids the opportunity to get out of the car, stretch their legs and visit the toilet. All of this will help them to feel normal again, even if only for a few minutes.

* It’s also import to carry the essential items in case an accident does occur. An empty ice-cream container is the perfect item to keep in the car, or really any container of a reasonable size. You don’t want anything too big, taking up too much room.

If on a plane there is usually paper bags provided. Perhaps pack some large zip lock bags in your hand luggage as these make a sturdy alternative and can be closed securely to dispose and lock in the smells.

* Another thing you can do for motion sickness in children, more for comfort’s sake than anything else is have a little hygiene pack, wipes, sanitary bags etc, things to help clean up little accidents, or help refresh your kids and help them to feel better.

* If you’re travelling by car to a holiday destination you are likely to have clothes with you, however they may be difficult to get to if packed at the bottom of the boot. If you are anticipating that your kids will suffer from travel sickness then pack a day bag that is easy to access and fill it with changes in clothing, face washers, wipes, a hair brush, all those things that will help your kids to feel refreshed when they have previously been feeling ill.

* When planning your travel, if possible consider which route you are going to take. It’s best to stick with main roads that are straight, not windy if there is a choice. Even if it takes you a little longer to get to your destination, it may be worth it to avoid sick kids.

* You can actually purchase medication to assist in dealing with travel sickness. However you will need to investigate this prior to your journey and ensure you have something age appropriate. Most medications are only designed to help prevent travel sickness not fix it once it is already in motion and you need to be wary of possible side effects.

* You can also purchase acupressure wristbands such PSI Motion Sickness Wristbands which are a great Drug Free Option. These are fully adjustable bands that use acupressure to prevent and relieve motion sickness. Just place one on each wrist (fits up to an 8½” wrist) before travel.

* You could also consider copper bracelets to try and prevent it. This is a great alternative for those wanting to avoid medications, or for kids who are a little reluctant to take them.

Hopefully these tips help make your next journey a little easier.

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Happy Travels

Julie Warner